What we do

we develop powerful strategy to maximise community impact

strategic impact review

The development of a comprehensive strategy that ensures you are in the strongest possible position to attract funding is the first step in our unique process. Our Strategic Impact Review is a framework based on the impact you are having in the community that enables you to focus on the programs that will make the most difference. It includes the identification of your top priority projects and any organisational capacity gaps.

strategic fundraising plans

We create a tactical, actionable plan that includes fundraising goals, strategies for how to achieve each of your goals and a detailed tactics timeline and budget for all the actions in the plan. We don’t write a high-level plan and leave you to work out the details. We define exactly what needs to be done and then work side-by-side with you to execute it!

strategic plan

We work with you to create a strategic plan that will provide a focused direction, clear goals and the strategies for achieving those goals. Using a theory of change as the basis of our deliberations, we will challenge you to describe your aspirations and choose where you will play, how you will play successfully and what capabilities you will need to have to achieve the impact you desire. The outcome will be a plan with the focus that is critical to achieve the impact you seek, and a team of people aligned behind it.

key deliverables

  1. Strategic Impact Review
  2. Strategic Fundraising Plan
  3. Strategic Plan
  4. Case for Support
  5. Project Business Plans
  6. Identify & engage best-chance funders

effective philanthropy services

We help you to develop a robust strategy and strong processes to guide your philanthropic giving and ensure that your investment in the community has the greatest possible impact. We analyse the issues in the community and identify current and potential projects that could significantly “disrupt” or contribute to addressing these needs. Our approach is to work with you over time to help you maximise the impact of your philanthropy.